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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Rant

You remember (it wasn't that long ago) Mitt Romney's "47%" comment? And more recently, all these memes and videos and pictures of people who ARE the 47%, striking back?

Maybe Mr. Romney would like a break from that.

An Open Letter to Mitt Romney

Mr. Romney--

Let me start by saying I am NOT one of the 47%. I have a job; a GOOD job. I have health insurance (I will not mention through which company, but start thinking of health insurance companies off the top of your head; it will be in the first 3 you think of). I'm not on welfare or food stamps.

With my good job and my good health insurance, I had to have a knee scope several years ago. My "good insurance" has things called "deductibles" and "co-pays" and "we don't cover that." It took me TWO YEARS to pay off my out-of-pocket balance. TWO YEARS, Mr. Romney.

Now my doctor tells me that I will need both of my knees replaced, the sooner the better. I am aware, Mr. Romney, that you have no background in orthopedic surgery, but let me assure you that two knee replacements will cost an astonishing amount more than one knee scope. "Sooner" is NOT better--BECAUSE THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL I CAN AFFORD THE OUT-OF-POCKET COSTS.

Now I know this would never be a problem for you--$10K out-of-pocket is nothing for you. And therein lies the problem: Not everyone has unlimited cash reserves like you do. In fact, HARDLY ANYONE has that kind of money. You are pathetically out of touch with the way the majority of Americans live. Not just the poor, but us struggling middle-classers. Even those of us that do have money, can't throw it at all of our problems and make them disappear.

Tell me, Mr. Romney, why you think it is acceptable for it to take 2 years to pay off a medical bill, when one has good medical insurance that he/she pays for??

Yet you oppose our president's attempts to make healthcare affordable for all. This, sir, is why you will never have my vote or my respect.

By the way, I have a horse too. I bet I've seen him more often in the past 2 months than you've seen your horse in the past 2 years. Can you explain why I don't get a tax deduction for his care?

Misery's Fence

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