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Sunday, August 5, 2012

$19 Vegan Haul

I admit, I love farmers markets and local family farms. Love, love, LOVE.

I am a high-raw vegan. That means that most of the food I eat is raw, but I do eat some cooked vegan foods. Now that summer is in full swing, seasonal produce is *fairly* cheap and abundant (droughts have affected us, unfortunately) and the sweltering temperatures make raw juicy foods the perfect choice for any meal.

I took $20 in cash with me Saturday to buy some goodies for the week. First stop was Granny's Garden in Burlington, a family-owned farm that sells their produce directly on premises. Five juicy peaches, two large heirloom tomatoes, and two zucchinis as long and thick as my forearm for $9. The peaches will be eaten out of hand, one of the zucchinis will be dehydrated as chips and the other will be sliced and left raw as dippers for guacamole. Tomatoes will be eaten as-is or added to a sprout salad.

Next it was off to the Boone County farmers market. A very heavy Sugar Baby watermelon (enough for 4 meals), and a loaf of vegan bread (apricot-craisin) for $10. If I had gone all raw, I could have had several ears of corn, an eggplant, onions, and some bell peppers instead of the bread. Which is exactly what I'll do next time; the bread lasted a little over 24 hours, but for the same cost I could have bought enough produce for the week. I don't often splurge, but I already had some produce at home and the bread looked fantastic (and did not disappoint taste-wise).

Sadly, our farmers market is relatively small and doesn't offer a whole lot of variety. I've thought of challenging myself to eat only from the farmers market and Granny's each week, with whatever I can buy for $20. I might give it a go next week!

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